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Tickles and Tunes

-- HE tickles the ivories, and SHE tickles your funny bone --

A Music and Comedy Stage Show

-- for the "young-in-age" AND the "young-at-heart" --

gandg-2010-12-12bristow 5Terry Jordan, Pianist extraordinaire, draws from his classical background and achieves a standard of the highest musical quality in Popular, Classical, Gospel and Broadway music.  (You'll hear all-time favorites from EACH of those genres!)  From Bach to Barbra (Streisand)... from Amazing Grace to the amazing Phantom Of The Opera medley.  To read more about Terry, go to

Patti Beth Anderson, Comedienne extraordinaire, is a seasoned comedienne and the audience will feel like they are seeing more performers as her comical original characters share the stage.  Together they bring laughter and timeless good clean fun.  Her "alter egos" MIGHT include Myrtle Goodpasture (the piano teacher), Clovis (the grease monkey auto mechanic with a special tune-up technique), or maybe even Aunt Viola Pearl (EVERYBODY'S favorite kin).  To read more about Patti Beth, go to

  myrtle01sm                    clovis01sm                    auntviola02sm

The "Tickles & Tunes" stage show delivers entertainment like no other!!! 

Caution:  Paramedics should be present!... because these two will have the audience rolling in the aisles, crying tears from belly laughs... and some may even need smelling salts after the jaw-dropping piano technique they'll be witness to. 

...well, that may be "over-selling" just a bit, but, seriously... Tickles & Tunes is a musically impressive and comically entertaining 90-minute show that folks young and old will not soon forget.

What a duo!... what a team!... WHAT A SHOW!!!